13 Undeniably Mind-blowing Conversion Optimization Case Studies

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We’re presenting something a little shiny today. These conversion rate optimization case studies clearly prove that testing can lead to better insights, produce actionable results, and has a great ROI.

In our business, we always shoot for these types of results. However, we do have to remind our clients that copying and pasting doesn’t work for all businesses. What works for some doesn’t always work for others. We always push for a scientific approach to create better, and more lucrative websites.

But for the sake of enjoyment, sit back and revel in how “small” changes can have the potential for significant gains:

  1. Removing a promotional product banner increased online sales of SimCity 5 by 43%.

    What makes this A/B test case study interesting is that sometimes removing promotional offers, albeit counterintuitive, actually helps conversion rates. (Source)

  2. How EA Turned a Big Win into a Metropolis - Condorly

  3. Rollerskatenation.com improved conversion rates by 69% by adding an FAQ section in product descriptions.

    Sometimes adding descriptive content will help reduce conversion barriers. (Source)

  4. Pro-tip Use Pro-tips to Increase Conversions - Condorly
    Pro-tip Use Pro-tips to Increase Conversions- Condorly

  5. Insound.com tested different permutations of their search algorithm to realize an increase in sales of 39%.

    Using Optimizely’s A/B testing tool, Inbound was able to refine their search parameters to find out that vinyl records truly trumped CD sales. Winning test results also increased average order value as well. (Source)

  6. For Insound, Testing the 15-Year-Old Search Algorithm Drives 39% Lift - Condorly

  7. Split testing variations of a landing page for Rasmussen College increased mobile conversions by 256%.

    Optimizing for each platform makes a huge difference in conversions. UX has a large impact on any online sales funnel. (Source)

  8. Mobile-friendly landing page increases leads by 256% - Condorly

  9. By changing the styles of logo placement and customer testimonials, Comscore.com was able to increase lead generation by 69%.

    Social validation is one of the most powerful tools that any marketer can leverage. (Source)

  10. ComScore Tests Brand Validation and Social Proof - Condorly

  11. While measuring the success of copy may be one of the more challenging aspects of A/B testing (because it’s more difficult to pinpoint the variable), it’s totally worth it. Underwater Audio increased sales by 40.81% by clearing up copy clutter, and minimizing distractions.


  12. Compelling Copy + Clean Design + Fewer Distractions = 40.81% Increase in Sales - Condorly

  13. Sometimes a complete redesign is not only refreshing, but just plain necessary. Spread Shirt increased their engagement by 606% and sales by 11.2% by running a multivariate test on their old and new home pages. (Source)

  14. How A Data-Driven Site Redesign Lifted Clicks 606% and Purchases 11% - Condorly

  15. David C. Cook, a non-profit organization, increased donations by 114% by split testing email campaigns with text vs. video. Just because Facebook and Youtube basically own video engagement doesn’t mean it can’t be applied to other channels.

  16. Newsletter-With-video - Condorly

  17. Probably worth a clickbait article in its own right… GoCardless increased demo conversions by 139% by A/B testing ONE word on a button.

    This example shows not only that small changes can have huge impact, but that minute details should always be tested. (Source)

  18. How a one word change increased product demo conversions by 139%- Condorly
    How a one word change increased product demo conversions by 139% - Condorly

  19. The Union Mission increased donations amounts by 181% by A/B testing toolbar options.

    Having more options available upfront also increased volunteer signups and increased donation conversion by 49%. Less is not more in this case. (Source) 

  20. Union Mission Ministries boosts revenue with website redesign and optimization - Condorly
    Union Mission Ministries boosts revenue with website redesign and optimization- Condorly

  21. A/B testing social sharing buttons on Movember’s profile page increased shares by 490%.

    They hypothesized that having the buttons above the fold would do the trick. And it did. The overall testing campaign also ran other variations on elements across the site, ultimately leading to 28,000 more registrations. (Source)

  22. Movember Drives 28,000 More Mo’ Bros with an AB Test - Condorly

  23. MedienReich Computer Trainings increased engagement by 40.87% by testing home page elements.

    Showcasing popular training courses offered by the company increased conversions by a significant amount. (Source)

  24. One simple tactic that will always increase engagement – in this case by 40% - Condorly

  25. The drop down menu for ecommerce sites is fairly standard. Body Ecology tested this element to simplify categories and increased revenue by 56.43%. (Source)

    Bodyecology_Test_Results - Condorly


Time to reel it back in. The reality of testing is that most tests aren’t as pretty as this. For every one of these case studies, there is a counterpart in which the results were inconclusive, or even negative. Rigorous and analytical testing requires more than just copying winning formulas. It takes in-depth research of your industry and expertise in order to refine the best test variations. But in the end, finding a result is always valuable. Even a small change in a website can mean the difference between a typical political campaign or an additional 60 million dollars in funding.

Thanks for reading!

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