5 Reasons Why You Should Always Be Testing

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You’ve completed a conversion rate optimization campaign and satisfied with the results- so why continue?

Aside from the five reasons below, optimization is an on-going process. Like the city that never sleeps, website optimization shouldn’t ever really stop. Testing variations ensures your website can maintain an edge. What’s the point in continuous customer acquisition if you’re not converting the visitors you already have?

These are the top 5 reasons why you should always be testing:

1. There’s always room for improvement

This reason is the most obvious. Being that perfection is an intangible concept, marketing excellence is only achieved through rigorous trial and error. This thought is not meant to be discouraging, but rather motivation to continue striving for perfection.  

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Even if you have an incredibly well-designed website, and are efficiently converting visitors into customers, there’s always changes that can be made to improve the funnel.   

2. Gets you the right type of customers

As of June 2016, there are almost 3.4 billion internet users world wide. And this number is only growing. As the amount of time people spend on the internet increases, testing becomes more important.
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Today’s consumers demand a consistent and relevant experience that’s essentially tailored to the individual. And as personalization becomes more popular, consumers will become pickier about which websites will suite their needs.

Having a full stack conversion rate optimization or personalization plan means you’re getting closer to attracting the right type of visitors; people who’ll love your product. Customer segmentation and optimizing for your ideal client means you can stop worrying about silly vanity metrics like bounce rates. 

Constantly testing gets you closer to attracting people who are interested in your product. Guessing what your customer wants is a waste of time, and uninterested parties aren’t going to bring you revenue anyways.    

3. Decreases the cost of digital advertising

Money spent on media and marketing is projected to rise at a compounded rate of 5.1% from 2014-2019. That’s a jump from $1.9 trillion in 2014 to $2.1 trillion in 2019.  

By increasing the amount of visitors you have into customers, you can combat the amount of money spent on paid advertisements, and digital marketing in general. As we all know, increased ad spend and diminishing returns is one of the strangest trends in digital advertising

Paid advertisements are great for getting a bunch of traffic, but they are by no means the answer to your woes (especially when there are barriers in your conversion funnel). Removing conversion barriers, reducing cognitive load, and ensuring customer trust are extremely lucrative marketing tactics.  

4. Shortening consumer attention span 

An increasingly digitized lifestyle is dramatically limiting the human attention span.

On average, people lose concentration after about eight seconds. Not only is the average attention span shockingly low, the rate at which it is decreasing is extremely unsettling. After performing an experiment, Microsoft found that the length of concentration has dropped from twelve to eight seconds since 2000.  

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A lowered attention span means the speed, efficiency, attractiveness, and value proposition of your website is everything. The conversion funnel needs to work seamlessly in order to hold the visitor’s attention long enough to turn their interest into profit.

5. You can garner more market share

By consistently testing, you maintain an advantage over your competitors. Even if you only have a slight edge, you will receive all or most of the profit. This phenomena particularly reigns true within the internet marketing world.

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Your competition will continue to develop and strengthen, you have to as well. In order to increase your market share, sometimes all you need is the smallest of advantages. 

By maintaining a constant, scientific, approach to website design, you’re effectively eliminating elements that can trap even the brightest of teams.

Every testing win has the potential to gain that slight edge over your competitor.


  • As technology advances, your marketing strategy and website must be constantly evolving in order to remain successful
  • Opinions on digital experiences are becoming harsher and attention spans are diminishing, so it is important to give your visitors a heightened experience
  • By constantly testing, you can remain one step ahead of your competitors

Thanks for reading!

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