9 Tips for Digital Franchise Marketing

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There are many excellent ways to increase your online presence, but steely-eyed super marketers know all too well that digital marketing is not cookie cutter. Digital franchise marketing is different than eCommerce marketing, different than local restaurant marketing, which is vastly different than laser focused SAAS marketing, etc.

Yes, they all share the same need to be noticed by search engines, and produce a positive impact on the visitors, but underlying goals (or conversion KPIs) are often quantitatively different. A fashion eCommerce site hopes to sell an item or two, a SAAS product may want to sign up users for a trial run, and local restaurants may simply want to have their contact information and location easily accessible for their visitors.

For franchises, the goals are usually split right down the middle. Corporate’s goal is to generate leads for their franchise, and franchisees want to sell more to local customers. Ideally any franchise should operate as a singular well-oiled engine, but often times “conflicting” goals make it difficult to create a unified and effective marketing campaign.

I’ve outlined some techniques that will help your franchise market together as a whole, and methods to help individual franchisee locations. Here’s what you can do to increase your digital franchise marketing efforts, and help convert more of your visitors into leads and sales:

  1. Utilize Local Business Listings:local-business-listings-condorly This option may seem like a no brainer, but it’s surprising how many businesses do not use this tactic to the fullest. It’s an extremely cheap way to get your brand on the web. Whether it’s through Yelp, Google, Bing, having a business listing will sure
    ly increase traffic to your website. Here’s a great checklist from Hubspot to get you started.
  2. Call Tracking Software:call-tracking-condorly 43% of search-related conversions happen over the phone. Making sure you know where your leads get your contact information should be another no-brainer. Especially when your franchise’s customer base expects to have a fair amount of custom work.
  3. Invest in A/B testing Software:ab-testing-condorly Business is no longer a guessing game. Put your hypothesis to the test, and measure your design changes, copy, and images to make sure your message is scientifically proven to match your buyer persona’s behaviors. There are many software companies to choose from, but we prefer Optimizely.
  4. Social media:social-media-condorlySocial media is still a great place to engage your customer base. Despite recent reports that people are spending less time on social media, it does not mean they have disappeared. We just have to raise our standards of advertising, create memorable campaigns, and engage our customers on a more personalized level.
  5. Local SEO:local-seo-condorly Location is an extremely important part of search. Google uses location intimately, and it’s often a primary component of how they display results. To get in front of the right eyes, businesses that don’t have extreme foot traffic should focus on local SEO- it’s another source of awareness and promotion for your franchise. However, companies are situated on a bell curve. Not all businesses benefit equally from optimizing a site for location based search.  
  6. Content:content-is-king-condorly Content is not for everyone. Great content is not free or cheap, despite the many claims it is. It takes time to hone writing skills, and it costs money to hire a professional. It also takes time to develop a strategy for whatever medium you choose to publish (not just the written word). Your company has to be in the right place to start producing consistent and worthwhile material.
  7. Personalize your offers and rewards systems:personalization-condorlyPeople want to deal with businesses that treat them like people- not numbers. In fact, 77% of digital natives expect a personalized web experience. Personalization doesn’t end by applying a name change in an email subject line, or salutation- full on web sites can be reactive in real-time. Whether or not your company can afford the latest personalization software, you can still apply semi-personalization through advanced segmentation.
  8. Conversion Rate Optimization:calculate conversion rate condorly Despite the misconceptions, CRO is more than just another term for A/B testing. The goal of conversion rate optimization campaigns is to convert more of your visitors into leads by any means necessary. For us at Condorly, we feel the term encompasses: UX, UI, site-speed, site-copy, design, and much more. In a sense, you shouldn’t design a site with the goal of pleasing someone’s artistic sensibilities, you should design a site so it converts. Learn more about CRO here.
  9. Create a mobile friendly website: mobile-friendly-condorly“Mobile now represents 65 percent of digital media time, while the desktop is becoming a ‘secondary touch point’ for an increasing number of digital users,” according to a 2016 report from com. The world is more connected than ever before, but if you’re mobile site isn’t optimized, it is likely you’re losing search rank positions to your competitors, and your users will exit if they can’t easily navigate the site on mobile.


  • Each suggestion on this list (except perhaps the first one) takes critical thought and planning.
  • Use data to back up your efforts and report the ROI of your campaigns.
  • There is no longer any excuse to have a website that looks and behaves like it was built in the 90s.

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