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How to Market Your Franchise to Millennials

9 minute read (Feature Image Source) At first glance, marketing franchises to millennials might seem like a bad idea. Gen-y is seemingly broke, living with their parents, and carrying ungodly amounts of student loan debt. It doesn’t necessarily sound like an ideal formula for success (especially considering the large investment that franchisees have to make). However, […]

9 Tips for Digital Franchise Marketing

7 minute read There are many excellent ways to increase your online presence, but steely-eyed super marketers know all too well that digital marketing is not cookie cutter. Digital franchise marketing is different than eCommerce marketing, different than local restaurant marketing, which is vastly different than

11 Need to Know Stats About Native Advertising

Image Source 2 Minute Read  The general swing towards an AdBlock state means more digital marketers are leveraging nuanced advertising by necessity. Whether it means promoted posts, sponsored posts, sponsored content, native ads have become part of the mainstream adscape.  As with other forms of digital ads, the trends suggest spending on native will increase. Maybe native ads are […]

5 CRO Myths That Still Need Debunking

2 minute read  It’s pretty amazing that there are still so many myths and misconceptions about Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO). Perhaps it’s because the business world is a vast ocean with constantly changing conditions. Some days it’s clear and calm, while other days it’s fiercely windy and choppy. Sometimes a sailor has to change course […]