Why Pursuing Statistical Significance Leads to Positive ROI

7 minute read
People put two and two together all of the time.

It’s like seeing dark clouds and knowing it might rain, and wondering whether to grab an umbrella.

We automatically make a series of decisions when we see or hear certain things. Our brains are wired to make our past experiences work for us in the future.

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Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Conversion Rate Optimization Agency

2 minute read

With increased conversion rate optimization software availability, the question becomes whether to have your current marketing team handle it, create a new in-house team, or hire an agency.

Digital marketing is only as good as the people and techniques behind it. And without a proper plan, even the best of ideas can fall by the wayside.

Anyone can conceivably start running A/B or multivariate tests, but it doesn’t mean that you can bank on the results.

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How Personalization Impacts the Internet

9 minute read

There’s so much personalized content on the internet that most of us probably engage it without thinking twice about it. Personalization is in action when we cross our Facebook feed, or pick a movie to watch on Netflix. It chooses our music when we use Pandora, and gives us ideas on what to buy next on Amazon.

Personalization is what drives some of the heaviest consumer trends in ecommerce.

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