Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Conversion Rate Optimization Agency

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With increased conversion rate optimization software availability, the question becomes whether to have your current marketing team handle it, create a new in-house team, or hire an agency.

Digital marketing is only as good as the people and techniques behind it. And without a proper plan, even the best of ideas can fall by the wayside.

Anyone can conceivably start running A/B or multivariate tests, but it doesn’t mean that you can bank on the results.

So why hire a Conversion Rate Optimization agency?

You don’t have enough resources for an internal team: Hiring a full time CRO team is a long, expensive, and arduous operation. You need a test manager, designer, strategist, and so on. It’s not a cheap or easily managed package. And the more you invest, the more you’re locked into it.

However, the benefits to starting your own in-house team include keeping company data internalized, and employees localized. And while initially cost intensive, in-house CRO makes sense for a long run campaign.

The main discrepancy between an in-house team and a CRO agency boils down to time and resources; you need quite a bit of both to ensure a well trained in house team can handle the task.

You need less headaches: Anyone who’s looking at the same material for new insights has probably experienced a few headaches (or other stress related maladies). It’s gut wrenching to keep a business running smoothly. So why add a lengthy learning curve to an already busy schedule?

The obvious answer is to learn a valuable skill. The reality is that CRO methods aren’t something to simply pass up.

It takes a while to learn, even longer to master, and teaches patience along the way. If anything, no one should bounce from this post thinking that all tests are going to provide positive results.

Your team has developed internal testing barriers: All too often businesses trap themselves in a close-knit corporate culture that can stifle creative and profitable growth.

We know what it’s like to deal with each other in one-dimensional role based entities instead of human beings (with flaws and unique quirks that make us tick). We might undermine a person’s characteristics while reviewing their proposition; or oppositely be so entangled by their emotional credibility that we didn’t think clearly about the facts.

Partnering with a CRO agency provides an opportunity to find inherent biases within the company model, method, or maybe with an employee or two. CRO experts are able to spot weak points that have been ignored or overlooked.

You open a new revenue stream: If properly implemented, any given route of CRO should provide a healthy gain for your company. By capitalizing on potential customers you already have, you open up a world of possibilities.

The simple reality is that any standing business and CRO agency have the same goal- increase conversions and sales.

You want to cover all the bases: Having an exemplary business plan and a dazzling website to back it up doesn’t always guarantee success. Even if you’re doing well, there’s always room for improvement. 

Business isn’t a copy and paste process. What works for one company may not work for yours. A constructive method takes time to mold and implement. Exceptional companies don’t worry about home runs, they worry about grand slams.


Your company needs to choose the right option for CRO. Not every business is set to hire an agency, a full time team, or even DIY it. Experience in the field is the most valuable aspect for gaining results. It doesn’t matter if it comes from a blog post, webinar, white page, or in person- you should take note of this expanding service.

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